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This site is no longer updated, but the stories will remain here as long as the authors agree to it.

Three (more or less prolific) writers cordially welcome you to their Lotrips archive! The beauty that is the Dombilleh reigns supreme here, but you will stumble across some surprises as well. And if you're tired of our fic, feel free to check out the links. (Btw, Shirasade's page now links over to a separate fiction site.)

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February 4, 2006. Added "Aperture" and "Summary Intent" by kiltsandlollies.
November 28, 2005. Added "Untitled" by kiltsandlollies and "The Gift" by Shirasade.

The name: Dom wore a shirt once, saying "I poke badgers with spoons" (an Eddie Izzard quote). And it's slashy, yo! But then, to us, pretty much everything is... *g*


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There be same sex love here and Real People, shameless shmoop and sexy smut. For definition check your dictionary under FICTION.


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